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Phytotherapy refers to the art and science of utilizing plants as a form of medicine for various conditions. With its roots in the past, it is still relevant and meaningful in the present, offering great potential contributions to modern medicine. Utilizing plants for therapeutic purposes comes in multiple forms, such as loose herb and tinctures.

Loose herbs are used much like a tea, whereby the physician combines individual herbs in order to improve patient conditions.

Tinctures are created by extracting the active medicinal compounds of an herb using alcohol, vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar as the base. Much like loose leaf combinations, the physician is responsible for formulating a combination of tinctured herbs for addressing the health concerns of their patients.

Abaton Integrative Medicine is home to an extensive herbal dispensary that is comprised of both loose herbs and tinctures. We make custom formulations for our patients and sell pre-made formulations. We welcome other practitioners in the Halton area to send us their tincture and tea prescriptions to be filled at Abaton.